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How to Consisently get the Best from your Employees

It’s every manager’s desire to have employees who are highly motivated, productive, and cooperative. Employees who give their all for the company, their boss, the customers and their co-workers every day. Although it may be an unattainable goal, managers can … Continue reading

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Bites of Business – Review

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10 Tips to Wake Up your Creative Mind

We’re all creative. Our individual creativity is present to greater or lesser degrees, but we all have the capacity to be more creative. Creativity is a force which enables us to develop and expand our concepts, come up with innovations, … Continue reading

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Think You’re Devalued and disposable?

Check out this link

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One of my recent articles (A Favorite)

A Good Manager Is “Tougher Than A Nail!” To be effective, a manager must be tough. This doesn’t mean that he or she can’t be pleasant, congenial, supportive, caring, etc., but toughness is required. A weak, undisciplined, wishy-washy individual without … Continue reading

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In this space I will be posting information and links of interest to businesspeople, business students and entrepreneurs.  We’ll be starting in the next few days. In the  meantime, I will again plug my new book:  Bites of Business

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