10 Tips to Wake Up your Creative Mind

We’re all creative. Our individual creativity is present to greater or lesser degrees, but we all have the capacity to be more creative. Creativity is a force which enables us to develop and expand our concepts, come up with innovations, recast old ideas, and problem solve. This creative capacity is important to your physical and mental health, your business success, and financial well-being. Here are some tips to wake up your creative abilities:

1. FRESH EYES – Look at things with a new perspective, child-like without all of the baggage of preconceived notions and past experience. This is a powerful way to increase your creativity. It will take practice to limit your inclinations to judge from prior experience and past practices.

2. EXERCISE – Yes, physical exercise will help awaken your mental capabilities as well. Often while engaged in exercise you will find that you will come up with new ideas, and as your physical well-being improves your mental acuteness will too.

3. REST – Just like exercise, rest is also important. You will be less creative when you’re exhausted, tired or burnt-out.

4. VARY YOUR ROUTINE – Take a different way home. Don’t go to the same restaurant every Friday. Cultivate variety and spontaneity.

5. PUZZLES – Mental exercise is important. Often puzzles, video games, or other challenges will stimulate your creative “juices.”

6. QUESTION EVERYTHING – Ask yourself why? Preconceived ideas, standard approaches, and thinking you already know the answers are counterproductive to creativity.

7. MEDITATION – Some people have the ability to meditate, clear their mind, and reduce stress through this practice. Try it.

8. DISCIPLINE – A disciplined mind does not mean a rigid one. Scatter-brained, unable to focus individuals do not exude creativity, and if they do come up with a creative thought it will soon be lost in the disarray and confusion of their thoughts.

9. CONNECT – A variety of experiences, friends, associates, and activities will help you develop an alert, expansive, and creative intelligence. Piggy-back on existing concepts. You will not know or understand the applicability or usefulness of inspirations without connections.

10. DON’T GIVE UP! – Discouragement and setbacks are common and to be expected. “Throwing in the towel” will only result in failure and continue a negative cycle. Who knows? – Your next idea may be your best one.

Copyright © 2010, Dr. Ben A. Carlsen, MBA. All Rights Reserved

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